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Viral marketing is based on the theory that there is a great potential for every message to be received by an ever-expanding number of potential customers. If one message is forwarded to 10 people who in turn forward it to another 10 friends and each of those again forward it to 10 different people you can well imagine how fast and wide the message can be spread.

One of the best avenues for on line viral marketing is YouTube, which is now taken over by Google. If a video posted on the site is very funny or off track and provokes specific type of emotions in the viewer it may have the potential to become extremely popular in a very short time. As viewers share the video with other people links to it are bound to multiply very fast. There may be several people among the viewers who may decide to embed the video in other places, which can lead to much greater exposure through increased viewing.

Internet marketing is a dynamic process that incorporates high competition and offers exciting possibilities. In order to be successful it is necessary to use the latest web technologies of which viral marketing through video sharing is a prominent component. When you have innovative ideas and products that you want to market on the Internet YouTube is the best video-sharing site through which you can target hundreds and thousands of people groups who share personal and other videos. Videos posted on YouTube are either meant for public viewing or are posted for sharing among groups of friends on the web.  

On YouTube you can efficiently post your video, video clips and promos that link back to your business website. This is a way to greatly enhance traffic to your website to increase the volume of your business. YouTube one of the greatest resources to reach innumerable groups of communities that share common interests and you can tap its tremendous potential to serve the best interests of your business. However, the entire gamut of this type of marketing is not very easy and will require careful and intelligent planning with respect to the best ways in which your products/services can be marketed. Viral marketing is a very effective and low cost method of generating a lot of interest in your business. To get hordes of people interested in your products is not as simple as it used to be earlier but is still possible. The other vital aspect of viral marketing is to increase your sales. You will find many marketing efforts that have the viral effect and attract a lot of attention but in fact are unable to generate next to nothing by way of increase in actual sales.  However, properly done viral marketing can give a tremendous boost to your businesses and your bottom line. If required you can obtain professional help to design your YouTube viral marketing program. Marketing experts will confirm that video sharing represents one of the most effective ways of viral marketing and YouTube provides one of the best platforms to execute your viral marketing program.