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One of the fastest ways to get more clicks and traffic towards your Website is to latch onto powerful and magnetic sites, such as YouTube, which attracts millions of viewers each day. These viewers visit YouTube to view some of the thousands of video clips on the site and YouTube too features some of the best videos in their Featured Videos segment.

If you can create an eye-catching video or manage to find a video that can attract the attention of the visitors at YouTube, then you have a good chance to see lot of people viewing your video. If your video is really attention grabbing, then YouTube might keep it in the featured segment for around a week. This will ensure that a lot of people from around the globe might access your video within that week. The trick now is to get your Website's name linked to that video, so that visitors viewing that video feel compelled to note down the link provided by you and visit your Website. Since your video clip might get re-posted throughout the Web, others might not be able to realize that you had posted them and some unscrupulous visitors might just add their name to your clip. Therefore, you should insert your URL at the start or at the end of your video clip. If you have inserted any advertisement in your video clip, then you can also ensure that your URL is displayed during these advertisements. Since your video clip might also have sound, you can also speak out your URL name at regular intervals. If you are only displaying a portion of your entire video, then you can also promise to offer the entire video to any visitors that visit your Website. This will lure many visitors towards your site.

You can also add a watermark to your entire video clip. This will ensure that your name is displayed throughout the video clip and you can insert it in the entire video too. This too will act to safeguard your name and provide your site name to YouTube visitors. Another trick is to write articles and blogs regarding your own video and then post it on various sites with a link provided to your video on YouTube. This will attract visitors specifically to view your video and you can then lead them to your site from YouTube. Make sure that you insert the appropriate keywords into your articles and blogs, so that any visitor searching for that content lands up on your article or blog first. You can utilize the services of a Search Engine Optimization [SEO] expert to insert specific keywords into your article, blogs and also your video clip. This will push your name towards the top of any article or video search.

Thus, you will not only need to post eye-popping videos at regular intervals, but will also need to insert your URL or watermark those videos to make the visitors at YouTube aware of your presence. Your articles and blogs too will need to be regularly accessed by various viewers, in order to ensure that they click towards your site. YouTube is a powerful tool and if you can successfully exploit their visitors’ tastes to your advantage, then you can be assured of thousands of visitors clicking towards your site every day.