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Online videos are a popular medium for marketing online businesses. Video portals have made it a good marketing option for online businesses. Videos have an immense effect on visitors, if you market your product utilizing interesting videos. The most popular of these video portals are and Google Video. Both have their own unique features and prove to be highly effective media to communicate with the visitors.

You may surely have some of your colleagues or friends forwarding you a mail to check out some amusing videos from YouTube. YouTube has become one of the fastest growing free video sharing websites. It was developed in February 2005 and has since been able to build popularity with more than 55 million users. It has been taken over by Google Inc. in November 2006. YouTube has gained popularity with the access it provides to virtually all videos circulated around the world. It has an amazing collection of professional videos to amateur ones produced at home. The site is popular for home videos featuring jokes, stunts etc. You simply need to register and start uploading your clips. If you use it for marketing your products, you would just be amazed at the number of responses and reviews, you would receive in no time.
Google Video has its own popularity with high storage space and with all the Google features that users get. Google’s popularity is for its innovative technology that it uses to make information easily accessible. They have a huge collection of various categories of videos like comedy, music and even television shows. There are videos of well-known artists, as well as little known musicians. There are some videos, which are free of cost, while some are paid ones for viewing.

You can use any of the tools you wish. After the takeover of YouTube by Google Inc., the combination is manifesting wonders for its users. The merits of both have been retained. Though YouTube remains as an independent subsidiary of Google Inc., Google Inc. provides the support in the form of access to searches and monetizing platforms. . The innovative ideas that YouTube comes up with are beneficial for Google Video, as well as YouTube and vice versa.

You can benefit from using either of these communities. The combination has a great earning potential. You can make money by using either to display advertisements. You can build up your brand image and use various categories, to target specific markets for your products. You may even have communities or brand channels developed around your brand using video marketing. YouTube also has a unique facility to build up your own contents around your product. You can have many users interested by participating in such contests. The two video portals with their own specialization have great potential to pull lots of traffic. This can be utilized to bring in more traffic to your online videos.

If you plan to use online videos for your product, YouTube and Google videos are the best. Their combination is working wonders and provides even better facility to all users. Ensure that you develop short, creative videos and use them to embed them into your posts, blogs etc. Use them intelligently and you can be sure that great profits will come your way.