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Even before the advent of the Internet, videos were a popular way to advertise various products. The Internet brought about an additional medium for people to advertise and with the introduction of sites such as YouTube, where one could post any video for free, the entire equation of advertising has changed dramatically.

The fact that posting any video on sites such as YouTube is free and has encouraged not only multinational companies, but also ordinary people to use trial-and-error methods, in a bid to find out the likes and dislikes of various visitors that visit YouTube every second day. You too can upload your videos to YouTube and mention your URL to your Website, in order to convert visitors into paying clients. Since there are thousands of videos being uploaded and viewed on YouTube every day, you should ensure that your video has that additional buzz that will entice viewers to view it. YouTube also has a special segment, where they display the most featured videos and if your video is extraordinary, then you can be assured by featuring in that segment for almost a week. This will greatly enhance the chances of a higher number of visitors to view your video clip and hence visiting your site through the URL that you display in that clip.

You should ensure that your URL clip is displayed before and after your video clip. You can also insert a watermark that continuously displays your URL during the video clip. If your video has sound, then you can also insert a verbal URL during any advertisement break in your clip. Ensure that the video is original and free from any copyright issues. The quality of the images should be sharp and not hazy or jerky. You will constantly need to update your videos and if a particular theme has produced excellent results, then you can also create sequels to that video, provided they are better than the previous clip. This will keep the interest alive in your viewers and also enhance your name as a quality provider of videos.

While it is important to create and upload a high-quality video to stand out from the rest of the Spielberg wannabes, it is equally important to end up on the top of any video or keyword related search. This will result in a high probability of a higher number of visitors viewing your video on YouTube and hence a higher chance of more people visiting your site through the links that you have displayed in your video. You should attach the right keyword and title tags to your videos, to land up in the top 5 on any related keyword searches. You should also keep track on those keywords that produce the best results and utilize them in your future video clips. Ensure that your entire video and content package is fast, slick and eye-catching.    
Thus, the secret to earning income from YouTube is to first embed your videos with the right tags and keywords, so that your viewers are able to locate it easily. The next step is to ensure that you produce high-quality videos that attract and impress viewers. Your URL and watermarks should successfully divert your viewers towards your own site, where you can then set about to convince your viewers to buy your products or successfully become a member. If you have successfully completed the above steps, then you can start observing a rise in income, as many of your viewers change into high-paying clients.