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  Great Tips To Get You On YouTube’s Front Page  
It may surprise you to know that YouTube gets as many page views as both Google and Facebook taken together. This is an astonishing figure that points to the immense popularity of YouTube. Webmasters, who have understood its importance, are utilizing its powers to their best advantage to drive huge traffic to their sites. They are able to ensure millions of views of their videos to get them countless numbers of favourable ratings and comments, which lets their videos make it to the YouTube front page.  

This is no mean feat. You must understand that it is extremely difficult to reach the front page of YouTube. If you doubt this, you can try it yourself by uploading a video to see the results. Wait for some time and unless you are one of those YouTube experts, you like many others are sure to find your video far from the YouTube front page.

But just imagine, what could happen in case your video would have made it to the YouTube front page. The inevitable result would have been that your website traffic would have experienced a phenomenal jump getting more hits than you could ever have imagined.

Although it is not easy to achieve the target to reach the YouTube front page, it is however, not impossible. What you need to do in order to be successful is to model other people's success by first finding out, what they did that you did not and which made them reach YouTube first page, while you lagged far behind. Looking carefully, you will undoubtedly find that their video quality and viewable factor was better. However, that will only be partly correct. The real secret lies with the YouTube system itself. If you want your video to reach the YouTube front page, you can never do it, unless you are knowledgeable about YouTube systems to a level that will let you effectively harness system intricacies and the submitting process.

When you seriously attempt to learn all this, you will find it not all that difficult and complicated, as it may appear in the beginning. Once you make determined efforts, you can easily learn the tricks and techniques that will catapult your videos to the front page of YouTube in a short time.

Here is how!

Give catchy titles to your videos. Vivid descriptions appeal to people.
Use most viewed videos to tag your own videos as their video responses. This will enhance your view rate because people, who view the currently hot video will also notice the video response, you have tagged.

The keyword tags you give to your videos should be those that are constantly being searched by people. There are many keyword tags like horror, comedy, soccer, cars, humour etc. Don’t worry, if your videos have no connection or relevance to the tags. The purpose is to increase eyeballing rate; the viewers can decide for themselves, if they really want to watch your video or not. You will however, get the exposure for your videos, which is exactly what you are looking for.