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  The Secrets Of Discovering A Great Niche  
Niche marketing is hot. It always will be. The reason being is that a great niche has many followers but not much competition. Until it gets discovered by the masses and then exposed until it runs dry. So what are the secrets to discovering a great niche?
Niche marketing matters if you want to make money online. It is probably one of the easiest ways to make money in a short amount of time.
Niche is the smaller part of something bigger. In marketing terms, that means a small group of people in a certain group who would be looking for your product.
This is what niche marketing in general really is.
Niche marketing has many advantages, but the one that stands out more is the fact that you are targeting a specific group of people who are already hungry buyers. That makes your work much easier than just putting up a product and hope that someone buys it.
The beauty of e-commerce is that you donít have to pound the pavement in search of buyers. However, you must still help your market find you amongst the billions of web pages competing for its attention. Strategically selected keywords can be your best friends in attracting niche traffic that is willing to spend.
There are millions of people surfing the web with a few bucks to spend on a good fix, and if you can articulate the right fix to the right prospect, youíre in business. Anyone who says that niche marketing will exclude too many potential buyers doesnít know why he is in business in the first place. Moreover, a prospect pool with no common reason to buy from you is a headache that will cost time, money, and more patience than your sanity can afford. Get over your desire to be popular with the whole wide world and instead choose a niche.
If you know not only who your customer is but how he thinks and feels, you can select keywords that will lead prospects straight to your front door with cash in hand. Resist the urge to think in terms of product or service naming conventions, although you may end up using some. People in your target audience may not be aware of such terms, especially if you provide a niche product or service that has not yet been commoditized in the marketplace. Answers are what your best customers will pay for. And if the answers you provide are not easily duplicated elsewhere, they will pay handsomely.