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  Is Your Product Niche Marketing Worthy  
There are three main things to ask yourself when determining if your product is able to enter the niche market you want.

First, do you have customers who are accessible?
This comes down to niche marketing your product for the right people in the right area. Demographics, age, income and gender all play an important role in this. Dont advertise a feminine product in an all-male gym.

Lets say you have a product that will help farmers grow more crops. You need to somehow figure out a way to communicate this product to them. Theres no point in advertising on billboards in big cities that farmers hardly ever frequent.

Make sure you have a clear niche marketing strategy to easily attract your customers.

Second, does your niche market have the potential to grow?
Does your niche product have the potential to grow into something huge? Or it is a one-time thing that clients will only ever buy once? What about future business? When niche marketing your product, you need to consider the lifespan of the product. Sometimes niche marketing isnt the best way, especially if your product is a one-time thing.

For example, if you are selling a toothbrush that never needs to be replaced, then it might be a good idea to mainstream this product, directing it to everyone rather than to a certain niche market. If niche marketing this product, what happens when all your clients are satisfied? They will never need to purchase from you again.

Niche marketing is great for those products directed at a targeted group with their individual needs as the focus. However, make sure your niche product has the potential to grown into future sales.

Third, is your product already established on the market?
If so, then niche marketing may not work. The key is to take an already existing product and transform it into something a niche market would use. Or, develop something that does not exist, but should. A little competition never hurt anyone but if a large and well-known company is already selling the same product in the same niche market, it is going to be hard to convince your audience to switch to your product.

As an example, the Swiffer Sweeper combines sweeping and mopping into one easy motion. It is well known and trusted by everyone. Niche marketing this same product under a different name to a specific group of people, say, university students, is not going to help you much. However, changing the Swiffer into a smaller version, one that fits inside a dorm room desk drawer, might just work.

So, before you jump into niche marketing, ask yourself these simple questions to find out if your product is niche marketing worthy.

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