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  Treat In Person Job Searches as Potential Interviews  
Although most companies do not do on the spot interviews today, there is always that possibility, especially in the retail sector and with small companies. Donít go out dressed in jeans or shorts with your children tagging along unless your sole purpose is to pick up applications to take home and fill out before returning, and even this is not always a good idea, especially during the day when the store manager is likely to be on site. In addition, you run the risk that one of the employees will recognize you as someone who came in to pick up an application and will relay the information to the manager.

Certainly if you just happen to walk into a store that has a help wanted sign you are not going to make a special trip back to the business to pick up an application, but this is not your ordinary course of action nor is it one that you should do on a consistent basis. However, if you go out with the sole intent to look for employment, dress appropriately and leave the children with a sitter in case the company does on the spot interviews. You do not want to kill your chances of being hired because you failed to plan accordingly. Of course, during the Christmas season it is very common for retail businesses to leave applications in plain sight where job seekers can pick one up, take it home and bring it back later. You do want to be certain when you return with the application you area prepared for the possibility of an on the site interview.

Another thing you do not want to do when you are job searching is take a friend with you unless the friend is providing transportation or also job searching. In the case of a friend providing transportation, there is no need for the friend to go inside with you, so you might want to ask your meet to meet you at a nearby coffee shop or similar establishment. Only those friends also seeking employment should come into the building with you and you should not treat it, as any more than a job search meaning do not make it a point to tell the company you have a friend or relative with you who is also seeking employment. This also falls into the category of too much personal chitchat and should be avoided.