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  eMail Marketing  
Internet marketing constantly evolves.  Some popular Internet marketing tools lose popularity and new ones emerge.  Even the most enduring forms of Internet marketing change over time.  A prime example is e-mail marketing.
Once the darling of online marketers, e-mail marketing became less popular as more people feared spam guards and blockers. However, e-mail marketing is a very powerful and viable form of Internet marketing.

The Basics

E-mail marketing is the best way to stay in contact with existing customers or potential customers.  Your potential customer list should be people who specifically requested e-mails from you (do not buy e-mail lists).  
The two key components to successful e-mail marketing are growing your list and staying in contact with your list.
Growing Your List

Growing your e-mail marketing list is essential. You do this is by offering people who visit your site something of value in exchange for their e-mail.  There are a number of things you can consider, here are just a few:

•    A coupon code or discount code
•    Pre-sales event information
•    A free trial offer
•    A complimentary evaluation
•    Free software or other downloadable files
•    A whitepaper or report

It is also important to let people know that you will not sell their information or give it to anyone else.  You should treat your e-mail list like gold because if you handle it properly it can be like gold.

Contacting Your List

It is important to stay in contact with your e-mail list.  It is also important that you do not go overboard with that.  If you overuse your e-mail database they will start to remove themselves from your distribution list.

The frequency you contact your e-mail list will depend on your business.  For example, a real estate agent knows there is a window of opportunity to get a buyer.  That window of opportunity may be only a couple of weeks so daily contact is appropriate.  A clothes retailer has a much larger window of opportunity in fact the window never closes.  Daily contact would be too much, weekly or bi-weekly contact is more appropriate.

Make sure your e-mails are different every time.  Do not rehash the same information or promotions or you will turn off your e-mail list.  If you keep these rules in mind, you can engage in effective e-mail marketing as part of your overall Internet marketing.

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