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  Importance of Landing Pages  
Landing pages are an essential part of a successful Internet marketing plan.  It is quite common for a website to have different landing pages with marketing efforts focused on driving specific traffic to specific landing pages.

Multiple Pages

Most websites sell a variety of products or at the very least different models.  For example, a fashion website may sell pants, shoes, shirts, skirts, blouses, etc.  A website that sells watches may sell gold watches, silver watches, divers’ watchers, etc.
You want to bring consumers to a specific page on your site.  Someone looking for a leather skirt does not want to land on a web page that does not immediately show them that you sell leather skirts.  Someone looking for a gold watch wants to land on a page that makes it clear you sell gold watches.In short you need to give people what they want from the very first second they arrive on your website.

Content and Images

Try to get in the mindset of your target market and make sure your landing pages speak directly to that target audience.  If your primary target market is females 18 – 24, make sure all images appeal to girls ages 18 to 24. If your target market is men and women 40 – 55 years old, make sure your images appeal to that target market.

In addition to your images appealing to your target market you want to make sure the content appeals to them as well. Your target market must feel comfortable with your site in order to build consumer confidence and loyalty.

Your Call to Action

Every landing page must include a call to action. A call to action can be to click on a link to learn more, add something to a shopping cart, leave their e-mail address, etc.  You must identify what action you want the website visitor to take and make sure it is easy for them to take it.

Everything you want a consumer to do should be 1 to 2 clicks away at most.  If they need to navigate through too many pages there is a good chance you will lose their interest before you got them to the final call to action.
The bottom line is to make sure you have landing pages that appeal to all segments of your target market and you should see an increase in your conversion rates.

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