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Internet marketing has changed dramatically as a result of social media websites like Facebook.  This social media site is a force to be reckoned with as millions of people from around the world are on it at any given moment.
The very nature of Facebook makes it an Internet marketing jewel, especially for pay-per-click ads.  With scores of information about every user the site can be used to pinpoint your audience for advertisements.

Internet Marketing with Specificity

Pay-per-click ads can be placed on many websites and search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.  These search engines reach billions of people which make them powerful.  The one thing that is lacking is the ability to place your ads only in front of your specific target market.

On Facebook you can be highly specific with targeting your ads.  You can dictate who sees your ads based on criteria including:

•    Age
•    Gender
•    Marital status
•    Interests and hobbies
•    Education level
•    Geographic location

Your ability to place your ads only in front of a defined target market makes Facebook a great Internet marketing tool.

Know Your Market & Learn Your Market

The first step in placing effective Facebook ads would be to know your market.  You should have a deep understanding of who your market is and who it is not.  The more you know about your target market the more effective your Internet marketing will be.

You can use Facebook to learn about your target market.  By identifying customers on Facebook you can start to see what interests them by the groups they join and participate in as well as the types of things they post.
Create your own Facebook group and invite people to participate in it.  This is an invaluable way to learn about your target market.

Grow Your Facebook Fan Base

Grow your Facebook fan base by offering them incentives to join your group.  You can offer discount codes and “inside information”.  If you give something of value people will become a friend and fan of yours on Facebook.

Using Facebook is a great way to reach your target market and learn about your target market.  Take the time to create a good profile and fan page.  Update your pages often and stay in communication with your fan base and you will reap the rewards of Facebook.