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  Affiliate Programs  
Affiliate programs can be a very good way to add revenue streams to your website.  You can earn more money from your website or websites as a publisher (you publishing the ads of affiliates on your site) or as an advertiser (your ads being placed on other people’s websites), or both.

It is important to choose the affiliate network or networks you join carefully in order to maximize the opportunity for success.

Affiliate Program Publisher

If you have a website that gets traffic you can monetize that traffic by joining affiliate networks and publishing affiliates’ ads on your site.  It is important that you publish ads relevant to your site’s traffic if you want to succeed.

Keep in mind that you will have a limit to the “real estate” on your website where you can place ads.  Do not get enticed by large payouts from affiliates.  Focus specifically on the affiliates’ ads that will most likely result in a conversion (someone from your website clicking on their ad and buying something from their site).
Irrelevant ads on your website can turn off your website traffic.  Too many ads can also have the same impact.  It is important to hone your affiliate marketing program to ensure that only the highest converting ads remain on your site.

Affiliate Advertising

Website owners that can benefit from increasing the number of potential clients that visit their website should consider affiliate advertising.  Every affiliate program has different rules and costs associated with joining their network.  The start-up costs can sometimes be expensive but are typically worth the investment if you handle your affiliate program properly.

You want to join affiliate programs that have a large publisher list.  The more websites that use the affiliate program the more likelihood you will have good affiliates.  Remember, not everyone willing to place your ad is a good affiliate.  A good affiliate publisher is a site that targets the same target market as you do.

Work with publishers to create graphics and text links they can use.  Your best affiliates can and should be rewarded with extra commissions, benefits, etc.  Remember there are many advertisers vying for limited real estate on websites.  You want to make sure the publisher chooses your site and keeps it.

Affiliate marketing is a very effective form of Internet marketing that should be considered by websites owners to increase sales.

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