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  The Art of Bedroom Interior Design  
After a long hectic day when you feel like relaxing, you look for a calm and serene place. It helps to choose a special soothing décor, especially in the bedroom. You donít have to pay a very high price to get that perfect touch for your bedroom. Here are some great and useful tips that help to redesign your bedroom.

The bed is the most important aspect of any bedroom. So make sure that you get the appropriate bed size that suits your bedroom. Once you do this, half the job is done. If the bedroom is big, you donít necessarily need to have a big bed. See that your bed is in proportion to the room. This helps you to open all the doors in the bedroom easily and you can also avoid walking across the bed to reach your closet or bathroom.

Use your favorite color to paint the walls of bedroom. The walls of your bedroom play an important role in determining your mood. As you spend most of the time to relax in your bedroom, it is vital that it have aesthetic appeal to enhance your mood. If you are a calm and quite person, choose warm colors. If you are planning to relax and de-stress after a hard day in the bedroom, go in for soothing and cool colors.

Make use of your old furniture; donít simply spend on new, expensive furniture. Redesign your old furniture. This can be done with the help of fabric or repainting. Ensure that you accomplish your task with great ideas, because furniture is the most important part of your bedroom. So be a littlie conscious while designing the furniture of your bedroom. Appealing furniture and the walls add a touch of class to the bedroom.

Be very alert when you are arranging the furniture in the bedroom. Arrange the furniture in such a way that you donít hurt your knees or toes while making late night trips to the bathroom or kitchen in the dark. Try and avoid adding an office space to bedroom. Use some other part of the house to move the desk and cabinets. If you are looking for some elegance, then place some candles around the bedroom. You can also enhance the look by placing some artwork on the walls. You can always find some good, inexpensive artwork online.

If you are looking for inexpensive stuff, try the second hand stores, garage sales, etc for great bargains. You can get a variety of lamps, antique mirrors and other bedroom items at very affordable prices. Thus you can easily redesign your bedroom at an affordable cost. So go ahead and enjoy your space.