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  Install a carpet for a plushy feel light feeling on your underfoot  
Instead of getting a foot massage every week and spending about a hundred dollars for a session, consider carpeting. This is what most people will tell you who have already installed carpets in their houses. There’s actually a scientific explanation to this theory. But in simple words, your feet have to take a lot of pressure if you walk on the hard floor, especially barefoot (when you’re at home of course).

In order to protect your feet from the hard floor, you need a soft material that feels good under your feet. This is where the carpet installation comes in. It can be a bit difficult to take care of the carpet installation all by yourself. Keeping that in mind, it is important that you familiarize yourself wit the different tools needed for this tedious process, the seaming iron being one of the tools frequently used. Instead of buying all of these tools, it is always a better idea to rent them out from the nearest hardware store. In this way, you can ask the store clerks to help you to get familiar with the tools.

Now that you’ve found the right tools to work with, thanks to the hardware store clerk, the next big challenge that you now face is to choose the right carpet for your floor. Therefore, while buying a carpet, its performance should be given the first priority. The better the performance, the longer your carpet will last. When adhering to the carpet performance, the one thing to look out for is the twists in the carpet yarn; the more the twists, the better the carpet. However, density of the yarn should never be confused with the twists as these two things are nowhere closely related. The density of the pile has nothing to do with the performance of your carpet. Also, in addition to carpet installation, it is always advisable to lay the floors with some sort of a carpet pad before the carpet installation.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “carpet” is luxury, style and the most important of all, comfort. There are many carpet materials to choose from like Acrylic, which is the next best to wool. Nylon is also one of the most durable materials. However, it may fade due to the sunlight. Then, there is polyester and the ever-popular wool carpets. Wool carpets have an excellent reputation of being the most durable, easy to clean and never leave any footmarks. Although a bit expensive compared to other materials, the results are noteworthy.

Once the carpets have been installed, the next process is to seam roll the carpet with a seam roller which helps in blending. A carpet gives the home a facelift and takes care of your feet giving you the plushy feel.

Installing Bamboo flooring- the incredibly stylish and unbelievably affordable flooring

Your home may look quite incomplete without attractive flooring. But hey, that does not mean that you have to paint your floors red to make it look more distinguished. There are many choices when it comes to flooring. There are classic hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic and marble flooring and bamboo flooring. It is true that bamboo is not a member of the hardwood family, but it is just as strong. Sure, hardwood flooring is gaining worldwide popularity, but bamboo flooring is soon catching up.

Bamboo is perhaps the best alternative there is to hardwood. That’s because, both hardwood flooring as well as bamboo flooring have the similar features with bamboo possessing a more distinct look that makes it more popular than laminate flooring. Besides, it is seen that bamboo flooring always tends to look better than hardwood and laminate flooring, once installed. There is a lot of emphasis given on environmental friendly flooring and this is exactly where bamboo flooring makes other flooring options second choice.

Bamboo is not really a wood; on the contrary, it is a grass. It is actually the longest and the fastest growing grass in the world. Unlike hardwood like oak and pine, which takes a very long time to grow, bamboo hardly takes about five years to grow to its full length, thereby making it a highly renewable material. This makes the environment conscious heave a sigh of relief since they know that using bamboo as a flooring material does not impact the environment.

Some may feel that due to bamboo’s reputation as a grass, it will be impossible for it to make ideal home flooring. However, that is not true. Bamboo is not just any other grass. Consider these facts:
Bamboo has the capacity to grow tall and wide
It grows 100 feet tall and a foot in diameter

Therefore, when it comes to the installation process of bamboo, the bamboo is cut into strips. They are then boiled in order to get rid of the starch from the bamboo and finally the material is dried and laminated to form solid planks. Bamboo comes in natural colors, the natural bamboo color, a darker color or the ever popular amber. Bamboo flooring can easily be distinguished from the hardwood flooring. Unlike hardwood flooring sporting grains, bamboo flooring is characterized by its long strips. Bamboo floors are known to be very durable and if maintained with care, these floors are known to last for decades.

When we talk about price, the price of the bamboo flooring is fairly comparable with that of the hardwood floors. Due to its popularity, there has been a decrease in the prices of hardwood flooring.