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  Decorating Ideas for Small Rooms  
Decorating small rooms always seems difficult. Due to less space you need to plan carefully. You need to know where to place the furniture, what colors will suit the walls and what accessories to buy. All you need is proper arrangement. It’s not that difficult to turn your decorating project into a reality if you follow some simple decoration tips for small rooms and small spaces.

Avoid using warm colors like red and yellows, as they will make a small room seem more small and intense. Since bright colors make a room seem more spacious, go in for colors like blue, green and purple. Usually shades of white and cream look great with “graduations” of accent colors. In case you have a white sofa then you can visualize three shades of rosy pink pillows against it. Use light color for the ceiling, as it should be in contrast with the walls. You can use large patterns in accessories like pillows and throws, but use smaller patterns for wallpaper and furniture.

Simply hang a framed mirror on one of the walls and notice the change in ambience. A modest dining area will appear much larger than the actual size. Thus it enhances the room’s dimension and also creates an illusion of space. In case of small rooms, space is a big problem. So minimize the size of your furniture to maximize space. Reduce the number of furniture pieces so that you get more space. Choose a flat screen TV so that it can be mounted on a wall. Wisely select your furniture like armless chairs that seem to add to the space in the room. Select a coffee table which has multiple shelves below or one that has a lid that lifts to store books, magazines and other similar items.

Make use of combining textures in your décor. This gives a unique appeal, dimension and depth to your small room. You can try new accessories and fabric to create an impact. For example you can chose stone, metal, chrome, copper, bronze, mirrors, shiny fabric, textured fabric etc. Consider daybeds with pullout trundles for small bedrooms. As these daybeds occupy less space and accommodate two people at a time, they offer real value for the money spent. Screens are very useful to divide the rooms for multipurpose in case of a small house or apartment. Place the taller furniture along a far wall and the shorter ones away from the wall to create an illusion of space.

Consider low-back or backless stools in the kitchens to add to the available space. Lighter walls, shelves and cabinets do well to add to the space too. Adding a touch of color by painting one accent wall in the room is the best way to draw attention to that area of the room. Your creativity and imagination will help you to change your decoration project into reality and will make you feel very happy with the end result.