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  Age-appropriate designs for a kid’s room  
Creating an age-appropriate room for your little one could be a very daunting task, especially when kids have a tendency to change at a rapid pace. Irrespective of the age of the kid, you need to ensure that he or she is comfortable in the room. Make it airy, spacious and healthy to stay in. Discussed below are the different stages and how you can create an age-appropriate room.

Birth to One Year

From the time a child is born, it starts growing at an extremely fast pace. When you first saw your little bundle of joy, seldom did you think that within no time he would be sitting, crawling, walking, talking, and sooner or later, eating on his own. Decorate his room with interesting objects that can be easily reached for and good to look at. Don’t include any sharp edged objects or toys that might harm the child. Install a mirror in his room. This would keep him busy with himself and also, add an illusion of space to the room. You can be a little less miserly and buy an expensive mirror, as it would be useful right till the little one grows up to the age of 8 or 9 years. Have ample space for the little one to crawl about, roll or just sit playing with toys.  

One to Three Years

Don’t be surprised if your little one starts dressing up at this stage. To everyone’s amazement, little ones start dressing and imitating their older siblings. They invent the darnedest games that need a lot of props. If the playhouse is their all time favorite, add props like toddler chairs, tables, desks as well as some plastic dishes to ‘cook’ more fun. Kids become very active at this stage and would need ample space. Therefore, make sure you have minimal furniture in their room and concentrate more on providing space to aid their motor skills like hopping, skipping, jumping and monkeying about. Since disciplining kids starts at an early age, buy a closet organizer where they can hang their clothes and learn to get dressed on their own.

Children tend to get very curious and creative during this age. They express their creativity by drawing and making cut-outs of all types of animals and birds. Before they go on a rampage and spoil the walls, turn a part of the wall into a chalkboard. To make studying more interesting for the kid, you can decorate his desk with a lamination paper. Put up a magnet board for displaying their art and craftwork and pinning important school related information.

Four to Six Years

Kids learn how to talk well at the age of 5 to 6. Give them ample reading material that would help them to understand language and also develop their speech. Increase space for their toys.

Seven to Ten Years

A kid at this age develops definite likes and dislikes; keeping this in view, set up a room that complements hobbies and interests.