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It is not surprising that there is a widening and growing market for golf collectibles. Golf has always been among the oldest popular sports globally. Its long history could be dated back to the 15th century and its roots could be traced to England. Through the centuries, the sport had followed colonists that cross ocean borders until it landed to the American shores, where it has always been among the most sought-after and celebrated sports of all time.

There is a big potential for golf in the United States. It is estimated that more than 50% of total golf courses globally are located in the country. That is how warmly Americans brace golf. However, the sport still has a worldwide popularity. Many play golf for leisure, but only a few play it as a career. That is why any fanatic could only name a handful of icons and golf superstars.

Who are the icons of golf? In the past, the icons in the sport included Arnold Palmer, Vijay Singh, and Lee Trevino. During the 1950s, women started getting into golf. Some of the women golf icons are Nancy Lopes, Karrie Webb, and Babe Zaharias. They all have inspired many generations of men and women who are eventually seeking professional golf careers.

These days, the most popular golf players are of course Annika Sorenstam, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods. Sorenstam is considered the flag bearer of modern women golfers, while Nicklaus has always attracted golf fanatics for all times. Woods is undoubtedly the most popular golf player today. His name has been a household name for quite some time already.

Among all these superstars, Woods is obviously the most popular and most marketable as far as golf collectibles are concerned. It is not surprising that many golf collectors’ items involve him. Many manufacturers and collectible designers are dying just to enter into a collectible and merchandise deal with Woods. Since the early Woods collectible materials were released, the bankability of this superstar in appealing to golf fanatics, enthusiasts, and fellow players could not be underestimated.

Today, Woods has a growing collection of different pro-sports memorabilia, which ranges from shirts, photographs, and traditional golf balls. Any item with his autograph could be considered a valuable possession by just about anyone. One could easily wonder if it could be appropriate to compare him to mythical Midas, whose every touch is instantly turned into gold. It seems that even the cheapest and most invaluable golf items could immediately cost like diamonds or gold once Wood signs in it. How powerful his signature could get!

However, golf collectibles from many other stars and veteran golf players could still remain as top sellers. For instance, Nicklaus collections are still the most sought-after in different online auctions. Photographs of Woods together with Nicklaus could surely cost thousands to millions of dollars, more especially if signed by both icons.

Aside from superstars, commemoration of golf events could also be hot items for collectibles. Items related to PGA main events could be as in-demand as those associated with and signed by the golf superstars. Golf clubs, balls, and magazines could even be included in the roster of sought-after golf collectibles. This could be possible if those items would bear important signatures from Woods, Nicklaus, Sorenstam, and other iconic golf players.

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