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  Healthy Dating Tips - Learning to Trust  
Trust is the foundation of every relationship. No matter how much you love your partner, the relationship will be successful only if you learn to trust each other. I see several relations going through trauma and stress, all because they find it hard to trust one another. There are quite a few relationships that end up sour only because either of the partners finds it difficult to deal the suspicious behavior. If you are looking forward for a healthy and happy relationship, itís time you learn to trust your partner.

Trust is an inner feeling that only you can experience. Often, people are not able to trust their partners due to past experiences. However, one needs to bury the past and start afresh. Imposing things on your current date and behaving in a suspicious manner will only push your partner away from you. Just because your ex betrayed you, does not mean you start doubting the world around you. Individuals are different and you need to stop judging them in the same light.

There are hundreds of people who sacrifice numerous things in life just to prove their loyalty and keep a relationship going. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are in healthy relationship. There are many who have faced betrayal even after being their best in the relationship. Relationships are all about taking risks and one has to take it to explore whatís in store ahead. Assuming few things now and inviting stress and problems in a relationship will certainly not take it ahead.

Here are a few healthy dating tips that will help you trust your partner.

Do not give place to unwanted thoughts. Imagining your partner to be cheating on you and thus behaving suspiciously is no way to be in a relationship. If something is troubling you, it is best to speak it out with your partner. However, be careful and do start the blame game without proof or reasons. Speak up in a polite manner and let them know what is troubling you. Discussing will help you come to a conclusion and you might realize that it was a silly reason to get disturbed about.

Communication is the key ingredient to every healthy relationship. To strengthen your relation, it is necessary you communicate regularly. Share what you did at work, with friends and so on. This will keep your partner informed about your moves and there would be no place for mistrust.
Pressurizing your partner to behave in a certain manner just because you donít trust him or her will only lead your relationship to the rocks. Dominating or posing restrictions on either partner will loosen the bond, drifting each other apart. Share an equal amount of space and be considerate about each otherís wishes and desires.

Once your partner realizes your unreasonable behavior due to lack of trust, she is going to start taking herself away from you realizing how difficult it can become in the future. Thus, have control over your thoughts and nasty behavior. Respect your partner and take the risk to trust them.

It is quite difficult to say if some man or woman will stay with you forever. Relationships are all about taking risks and going with the flow. However, if you canít trust your partner, you are already destroying the charm of your relationship. By learning to trust, you can at least try to keep your relationship healthy and happy.