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When it comes to dating, both men and women have different wants and wishes. Often, when we date, we expect a lot of love from our partner, and loads of surprises. However, we fail to understand their needs and hence land up in a strained relationship. When a woman dates a man, she has a list of expectations that she wants her dream man to fulfill. But, at the same time she forgets he is an individual too and has his own expectations as well. Healthy relationships are all about give and take and a woman needs to know what her man needs.

It so happens we tend to feel that we are doing well on our part, but when the problem arises we fail to understand who and what went wrong. Here are a few things that you could be doing wrong on a date.

As stated by several men, women have the habit of cribbing about everything and can go on with it for hours and days together. When she has a problem with any thing, she would see to it that she cribs about it and asks for explanation till she finds another problem with her man. Well, a lady cribbing is a complete turn off for men and constant nagging can push them away from you. It is best to speak once about the problem and leave it there. Speaking about the same thing will make your man feel miserable and may turn him away from you.

As we all know every individual is different, we also need to accept the fact that men are different from women. Most women simply deny accepting it and keep assuming things. The way a woman perceives things, a man will perceive it completely in a different way. Thus you need to understand your manís psychology and deal with him accordingly. To help yourself you can also read books on men and women being different to understand your man better. When it comes to body language, women score well, as men don't seem to read body language well.

Many women expect their man to understand what they want without letting them know. Men have no super powers and will never be able to predict what you want. It is best to speak out what you want in a relationship than wasting time in asking him through non-verbal communication. I have seen some women who portray a different image to attract their man. However strongly you are attracted to someone, do not try to win him over by merely contemplating what men look for in a woman and forcing yourself to behave differently. This may help you start the relationship but it will soon end up once your partner learns about real you.

Other than these mistakes, women often make a silly mistake of being with a man even after facing too much of trauma and pain. Some women simply want to believe that their relationship will get better and her man will treat her well some day. Staying in a relationship with false hope is just another silly but grave mistake that women do.

It is always good to be yourself. Be realistic and see where your relationship is heading. Learn to understand a manís psychology, and most importantly, trust and respect each other.