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  Evaluating Your Qualifications for the Job  
Looking for the perfect job sometimes means choosing something that is not exactly what you were seeking because of your qualifications. Many people are tempted to apply for positions for which they are not qualified because they happen to meet their definition of the “perfect job.” The problem is you are setting yourself up for disappointment and making yourself look foolish in front of the interviewer if you even have an opportunity to reach that step. In most cases, lacking qualifications will not allow you to reach the interview stage, so you are only wasting your time and that of the person doing the screening for the position.

When you have found what you perceive to be your perfect job, make sure you qualify before you go any farther. You don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment by applying for a position when you don’t even meet the minimum qualifications. Most companies have required qualifications and preferred qualifications. If an advertisement says you must have a Bachelors degree, do not apply if you only have an Associate’s degree because your resume will find its way into the trash bin rather than in the hands of the hiring manager.

The key to getting the perfect job is spending as little time as possible interviewing, and you accomplish that by only applying for positions that you can match to your qualifications. That doesn’t mean you should never attempt to make career changes, but when you do choose something that matches to your qualifications rather than attempting to break into a field in which you lack experience, education and expertise. Nothing is more irritating to an interviewer than being approached by someone who doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications of the job.

Review every advertisement thoroughly before you submit your resume so that you know whether you have a chance of obtaining that position. Don’t think you will be able to sweet talk the interviewer with claims of being a quick learner or being willing to go to school to learn what is necessary—these are things you must possess before you will be hired for the job. There are exceptions such as when the advertisement says certain skills are “preferred” rather than required or says they are willing to train the right person. When you fail to read minimum qualifications, you make yourself look less than professional to the interviewer and may even prevent yourself from consideration for future positions for which you may qualify.

How To Find Article Writing Jobs

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