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  Web Design Issues And SEO  
A website is your link to reach out to more customers. It has become a very important marketing strategy for all businesses, big or small. A website can make a great impact on prospective customers, which can ensure improvement in sales. As you design a website or have a website designer-do-it-yourself, there will be few issues related to your site, which you will find. You should be aware of these issues and take care to sort them out. These are mostly related to the ways your website is designed, using flash content, unique content, and keyword usage and so on, which are factors that can have a huge impact on your indexing with the search engines.

Flash sites: Flash sites have proved to be a boon or bane for sites. If you want to develop an all Flash website, then you would be at a loss of not being found at all by the search engines. This is because the search engine spiders are unable to find the relevant content on the flash site related to the search, which they usually can easily find from HTML rich sites. One way out is to have a HTML site with an option or link provided to view the content with a Flash site. Similarly, you may also insert smaller flash content like only the header portion made with flash or simply using flash, so that it gives the site a good appearance. This would be useful to get your website indexed with the search engine spiders finding your content rich on HTML site.

Keyword usage: The appropriate use of keywords comes from a thorough research on popular keywords. You should determine keywords that can get you the best ratings in the search engine index. Depending on the suitable keywords found, you could place these keywords correctly in your content. Your content should be rich with keywords. It does not, however, mean that you should put the keywords everywhere, as it would be considered as a spam. You should place them appropriately keeping in mind that search engine spider can make out the relevance of your topic depending on the keywords used. You also have to ensure the keyword density, which can also be a factor to place keywords that can make a difference to get you high or low ratings.

Place for keywords: Content rich keywords are not the only places that search engine spider browse for relevant keywords. There are other places like your domain name, page title, the Meta tag description are some places, which can help you to get good ratings. Generally, a keyword used at the top of the page proves very useful, as search engines search from top to bottom.

FrontPage trick: If you are using FrontPage editor, then you can also try and put your keyword in the H1 size, as that shows that keywords are of great value to the page. You can reduce the size from the dropdown menu, so that it matches your other content. Anything in this H1 size is considered as a great relevance to a website and thus helps search engines to index you higher.

You ought to keep these issues in mind when you design your website. If you handle them properly, you will surely achieve success to get a good SEO site to get more customers.

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Install SEO  Wordpress

WordPress Training From Domain Name All The Way To WP Tools + 4 "Extras" [...]


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New Age SEO Blueprint

Discover How SEO Works In The New Era Of Content Marketing & Advertising! [...]


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