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Resale Rights The Alternative
A Must Have Guide for all Resellers and Those in the Making! ...
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  Make Money Online With Resale Rights  
You can make money online with resale rights if you follow a few simple basic steps. To make money online with software and ebook master resale rights read on.

Get your own website designed by a professional website designer. Use the services of paid hosting service providers to host your website. It is recommended that you do not host your website on free web hosting service as it does not incite buyers confidence.

Carefully purchase a product with resale rights usually software and ebooks are the most common products. The best thing about this business is that you don't need to carry any inventory and worry about depleting stocks as these two products are digital and no matter how many times they are downloaded they never exhaust. Another feature that is very unique to this business is that you don't have to worry about the delivery, once the product is purchased the customer can download the product directly to their desk top.

You will have to identify a payment processor to collect credit card payments. Upload a sales page and a thank you page to your website. Most products that are sold with resale rights come with well designed sales and thank you pages so you don't have to worry about designing them yourself. All you need to do is to upload the pages to your website along with your payment link at the bottom of the page and you are ready to take orders.

Get targeted traffic to your website and not just any traffic. If your resale rights product is about jewelery you need to attract women who are looking for jewelery to your website. You may run a PPC or pay per click campaign on some of the popular search engines e.g Google AdWords or you could place a solo ads on any of the ezines mailing lists. Your email advertisement goes to all the subscribers of the ezine, although this is expensive but you can be sure of reaching out to targeted customers. Writing articles about your product and submitting them to article directories is also a good idea. These are some of the ways you can generate traffic to your product website or sales page.
Collect email addresses and prepare a mailing list. This can be done by preparing a form that visitors fill every time they visit your webpage. It is very important that you get the mailing address of all those who visit the site as once thy have visited your site and gone they are gone forever unless you have their email addresses. The best way is to get the visitors subscribe to your mailing lists. The standard practice of many resale rights sellers is to have a squeeze page. In this system the visitor has to fill in the email address and only then can he or she move on to the next page if the visitor is reluctant to provide email address then he or she has to leave the page.
Using services like GetResponse and Aweber makes this whole process easy and manageable.

Diligently follow up with visitors who are on your mailing list but are yet to purchase your product. To help you in this onerous task you may use a autoresponder created by Aweber. The autoresponder will directly send mails at intervals specified by you reminding your subscribers to visit the website.

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Resale Rights The Alternative

A Must Have Guide for all Resellers and Those in the Making! [...]


Internet Marketing

Animated Graphics Firesale

8000+ Eyeball-Catching, Action-Provoking, Royalty-Free, Animated Graphics In 291 Neatly Sorted Folders [...]


Internet Marketing