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  Niche Marketing  

Sometimes the best answer to a question is another question. In fact, sometimes the best way to find out an answer is with a series of simple, yet effective questions. This little habit forces your mind to think and relays all the outcomes in an effort to find the right solution.

You can use the question game to find the perfect niche marketing strategy for your business. Asking questions relating to your product, your target market, your niche marketing methods and your future goals for your business will help determine what will work best for you.

Niche marketing deals with finding the right segment of the market to achieve large sales volume and profitability to survive and prosper as a company. In other words, niche marketing is a vital tool to build your business.

To help find your niche marketing strategy ask yourself the following W’s:
Who? Where? What? And Why?

The Who:

    •    Who do you want to benefit from this product?
    •    Who is your target audience?
    •    Who would need this product?
    •    Who would want this product?
    •    Who would be able to afford this product?
    •    Who would not be able to afford this product (and how can this be fixed)?

The Where:   

    •    Where would be the best location to sell this product? Online, in a store?
    •    Where would be the best location to advertise? On buses, on billboards, In washrooms?
    •    Where would this product or service come in handy? At home, ln the office, at the gym?

The What:

    •    What exactly am I selling or offering?
    •    What makes this product better than any others similar to it?
    •    What makes this product different than any others?
    •    What would make me stop and look at this product or niche marketing scheme?
    •    What is the best method of niche marketing? Online, television, brochures, etc?
    •    What do I want to get out of my business? Millions of dollars, community respect, cherished customers?
    •    What would make me look at an advertisement for this product?

The Why:

    •    Why would anyone want to buy my product or service?
    •    Why is this product special?
    •    Why is this product in demand?
    •    Why do I love this product? Or, do I actually love this product?

Still not sure if niche marketing is right for your business? Think about all the advertisements you’ve seen today and ask yourself these final questions:
Which ones stick in your head?
Are they advertisements for generic soap?
Or are they advertisements about things you actually are interested in?

My guess is - the latter.