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  How To Attract More Subscribers  
Here are a few useful strategies on how you can spread your subscription net in order to attract more ezine subscribers:

Use Subscription Rocket:

In order to increase your ezine subscribers, establish a SR code on your website.

The subscription rocket is a small pop-under that introduces visitors to your website and offers them free subscription.

Increase Traffic To Your Website:

With a pop-under like SR, you can attract targeted as well as non-targeted traffic to your website. They will enhance the appearance of your ezine to targeted visitors from other websites. Another way to boost ezine traffic to your website is to publish a page with some personal information like your hobbies with the keyword optimization technique. In this way, by providing the visitors with some basic information about yourself, you build a relationship with them. Besides this, you can also include affiliate links to sell products that can serve as an additional source of income.

Take Advantage Of Sub-Affiliates:

Getting numerous sub-affiliates will definitely provide a boost to your ezine subscriptions. All you need to do is refer to some useful websites and every time these referred websites attract more visitors, you receive credit for it. This increases the chances of your ezine getting noticed by targeted visitors of other websites.

Use Subscriber Drive Codes:

In addition to the SR, use Subscriber Drive Codes also. This ensures that you never fall short of attracting targeted ezine subscribers.

Attract Subscribers To Your Website Regularly:

Including certain regular and attractive features on your website like free downloads, games, recipes, contests, jokes and other interesting trivia ensures constant flow of traffic to your website. Ezine subscribers make it a point to visit your website when they find useful articles. This increases your ezine notice and helps you to attract more targeted traffic from other websites.

Easy Sign-Up Forms:

Make your ezine sign-up forms conveniently available and easy to sign. Put one up on every page of your website. Donít make it too complicated or the prospective subscribers may lose interest. Only ask for the visitorís name and e-mail address.

Include Your Ezine On All Your E-Mails:

Since your e-mails may be forwarded to numerous other people, you can use this to your advantage by incorporating it in your e-mail signature line. This will definitely attract more traffic to your website.

Request For Further References:

You can ask your already existing subscribers to forward your ezine to their associates, friends and family members since they found it so useful. You can use bonus or any other special reports to reward them for doing so.
Include Your Ezine In Your Business Cards: Including your ezine and relevant links on your business card will assuredly tempt people to visit your website at least once. And once there, you can easily get them to sign the subscription form.

Ezine Extravaganza

Includes IN-HOUSE Made "Guru" Squeeze, Thank You & MRR Upsell Pages [...]


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