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  Make the most of your already published articles  
If you have used ezine articles in the past, posted them in announcement groups and article banks and also have published them on various ezines there is good news for you. Even though these articles have been over the net for quite sometime you can still use them now.

Given below are some benefits you can derive from previously published ezine articles:

Give in Published Article URLs to Search Engines

If you have written a keyword rich, SEO optimized article, donít be surprised if many people want to post it on their site. After finding the URL of the published article, submit it to various popular search engines. Get an approval of the Webmaster for the same. Moreover, if the article has been published in archived ezines, you can submit the URL of the ezine issue in which the article featured. If the site is well-designed, all the search engines would accept the article and you will soon see it being featured on the search results of various search engines.  

2. Give in Article Bank URLs to various Search Engines

When you post an article in article banks, your article would be posted on their own web page. Submitting URLs to search engines can bring more readers to the articles.

3. Post Articles on Your Own Website

By posting articles on your websites, you give visitors to the site an opportunity to read and profit from the content. Having well-written, informative articles, that have be written by you can effectively add more credibility to your business and eventually increase sales and sign-ups.  Ezines readers voluntarily subscribe to receive an ezine. They are interested in the topic and are aware that these ezines will have ads. Therefore, you use your articles to the hilt for advertising purpose.

4. Collect All Articles and Advertise Them Again Annually or every 6 Months

Everyday new people are browsing various sites over the net. Over time, the ezines that feature your articles will get innumerable subscribers. The same old article appears new to a new subscriber. In addition, people who have read your articles formerly will most likely learn something from them whenever they read the articles again. It is profitable to update your article and probably add new information.

5. Compose an e-book from Past Articles

Today, you will find e-books almost everywhere. These are popular as many people read them and prefer ebooks over other written material. After amassing few articles, you have ample content for publishing an e-book. Thereafter you can offer these e-books as a free gift to website visitors or subscribers or sell them for a small fee.
Besides the above mentioned, you can also include a resource box towards the end of the article. The resource box is situated at the end of an article where the authors usually talk about themselves. Make sure you include at least one URL in the resource box.

Ezine Extravaganza

Includes IN-HOUSE Made "Guru" Squeeze, Thank You & MRR Upsell Pages [...]


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