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  Starting A Drop Shipping Business From Home  
Starting a drop shipping business from home is an excellent way of earning without investing a large sum of money. There is also no stock or dispatch to be handled by you. Here are some helpful tips to get your business started.

Once you have decided to go for it, then you will need a computer with a broadband connection and a telephone. You should place this computer in a separate room in your house, if possible, so that you are not disturbed when working or talking over the phone.

It does not create a good impression if you are on the phone with your shipper or customer and have small children crying and shouting in the background. Then you need to conduct a proper market research as to which products sell more over the Internet. You will also have to search for a reputed drop shipper who will actually be stocking and dispatching the products, which you plan to sell. This is quite difficult but if you have a friend or relative who can help out then use their services. There are many sites offering a list of wholesalers who can help you out but check out these shippers before you tie up with them.

They could be middlemen with no stock of their own and could just be posing as a wholesaler over the net. Once you have caught hold of a good, honest drop shipper, then they will provide you with a price list and photos of all the products, which they have in stock. You will then need to add your profit margin over these prices and post them on sites such as eBay, so that customers can see them. You can also design your own Website, but ensure that your site gets displayed on any related search or else no one will know that you have products to sell online. Your site should be attractive and informative.

The advantage of this arrangement is that you will not be required to maintain any stock at all. You only have to wait for your customerís order and collect the payment from that customer. You then have to place that order with your shipper and pay him. The difference between the shipperís price and your customerís order price is your profit margin.

You might have to work at a low profit margin because the competition on the net is tremendous, but if you have innovative products, then you could earn a little more. You can also try in selling used items through eBay. Since these items do not have a fixed price, then depending on the demand-supply position and the condition of the product, you could earn a decent amount on some of the products. This entire process seems easy but in fact requires your constant attention.

Treat it as if you were investing in the stock market, stay online and in touch with your shipper at all times. Ensure that your customers receive their deliveries on time. Your shipper should deliver what he has promised and not deal in counterfeit products. Anyway you look at it, it is your reputation on the line, since the customer does not recognize the shipper.
So, go ahead, take the risk. You do not have anything to lose financially and a lot to gain if you plan everything correctly.

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