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  How To Select A Drop Shipping House  
If you are selling products over the Internet without actually maintaining any physical stock yourself, then you are basically into drop shipping. The key in running this business successfully is getting hold of the right drop-shipping house. Learn how to latch on to a good drop-shipping house.

Proper research is essential when searching for a shipping house that could fulfill the basic need of not only getting products where you can earn a decent margin, but also offers good before-and-after-sales-service. So, in short when your drop shipping house sends you photos and lists of all the stock he/she has available in the warehouse, it is essential that all the data sent is correct. If not, then once you have received an order from your customer and have forwarded it to your shipping house and if there is no stock present in his warehouse, there will be a delay in executing the order.

This might not go well with your customer and you could get negative publicity because of his error in stock keeping. So ensure that your drop shipping house has all the stock mentioned in his list and also that the list is updated on a real time basis. You could arrange to have common inventory software loaded on both your computers so that the stock levels are updated on both your machines simultaneously. It is essential for your drop shipping company to have experience in dispatching products all over the world. You should also ensure that they do not have any minimum quantity or minimum value policy and should also be willing to stick your companyís stickers on their products. This will convey to your customer that the products have been sent by you and not directly by the drop shipping house or in future, the customer might try to bypass you while placing other orders.  

The drop-shipping house should also have a clear policy on material being returned to them. They should not delay your customerís payments when goods are returned back to them. Their after-sales-service should also be prompt. Since most of the products now have warranties directly from the manufacturer, this should not be much of a problem, but you should ensure that whatever products are bought by your customers should have a company authorized service center in that area.

Nowadays people are willing to spend more on a product, provided they get good after-sales-service. Your drop shipping house should also ensure that the customer receives a proper invoice for the product and also that the product is packed well and dispatched through the proper channels. Since this arrangement of drop shipping means that your profit margins will be very low, it is imperative that you do your homework well before choosing an efficient drop-shipping house or you will be the ultimate casualty in the process.

Since it is your reputation on the line, it is essential that you cover your back well, by tying up with a good drop-shipping house, which is honest and efficient and hence enhances your reputation instead of damaging it. So choose carefully.

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