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  How To Find Wholesale Drop Shippers For eBay  
Gone are days, when you used to pour over the pages of mail-order catalogs, or get exhausted making inquiries in local markets to find a particular product or its alternatives available. An easy, smart, and immensely profitable way is available now, the Internet.

Different helpful websites such as eBay have made it possible to participate in online trading within any part of the globe, from the comfort of your home, at a single click. A number of suppliers and manufacturers advertise their products on such websites, thus enabling a customer to access a variety of products that he may not be able to come across in the conventional market. These wholesale drop shippers offer their products along with shipping at competitive rates.

What drives the wholesalers to the websites such as eBay?
To compete in the market, it is essential to market the complete range of your products to a range of niche markets that could be beyond your immediate reach, be it the physical distance, or the resources required to reach them by advertising, etc. In addition, these suppliers or manufacturers might have products or services that could be just what you were looking for, but not available in the market you frequent.

Drop shipping option gives the supplier or manufacturer an opportunity to market their products to a worldwide customer population effectively. Global popularity of certain online auctions websites help to get the best price for the products advertised. However small be the manufacturing setup of a product, if the product proves utility, it can beat bigger corporate competitors in such online auctions with considerably less marketing effort. This is also another important reason for wholesalers to go in for drop shipping through online auction websites.

However, original manufacturers and suppliers are not the only ones that deal with drop shipping. You will find a number of intermediary agencies that claim to be “drop shipping enterprises”, but do nothing except collecting the payment and diverting your order to the supplier for shipping. The pitfalls of dealing with such agencies are many. First, such deals hardly prove profitable. Since the chances of making money are less unlike by dealing with an original manufacture or supplier, dealing with such “drop shipping enterprises” is not outright loss, but not a great bargain either. Another factor is its possibility of turning into a backorder in case non-availability of the stock. Of course, this could also happen with a manufacturer or supplier. However, it is observed that things move fast with original product sources even with issues such as backorders. If you are a retailer and are unable to deliver the goods in time because of the non-availability of the goods at the drop shipping enterprise you are dealing with, it could generate negative publicity for your business.    

How to find wholesale drop shippers on eBay?
With little research, it is possible to find more information about the actual wholesale drop shippers on sites such as eBay. Details about the established commercial suppliers or original manufacturers that advertise on eBay can be verified, before making your list of drop shipping companies to deal with.

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