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  Great Drop Shipping Tips  
If you have entered the world of drop shipping or are planning to take a step towards it, then here are some tips, which could prevent you from dropping like a stone in this vast online sea.

You will need a computer, an Internet connection and a telephone to get your business started. You will also need good drop shippers who can stock the right products at the right time and price for your customers. Once you have identified some drop shippers, then you can get in touch with them. They will send you photos and prices of the products in their stock along with the technical specifications. If your shipper has a data feed, then it will be quite easy to transfer the data to your computer. Their prices should be such that you can add on a decent margin on them and earn some money out of it. They should have proper warehouses to store their products and should have an efficient logistical team to ensure that the goods are shipped immediately and reach your customer on time. The shipper should allow you to stick your company’s stickers on the products and should also ship the products using your name as the shipper. He should remain anonymous during the entire deal. He should have a contact number to solve customers’ complaints, again without mentioning his name while talking to them. You should ensure that your shipper deals in branded and genuine products only and does not dispatch counterfeit products since it is your reputation, which can get sullied by his actions. The shipper should also accept payment through credit cards, PayPal etc, and you too will be required to do the same.

You will have to be innovative while marketing the products. You should change the product description slightly and also the photo if possible, since this same data will be sent to other people like you by the same shipper. This will project the same product in a different way and you could also design your own Website to sell the Products. Keep your site interesting, informative and uncluttered and include key words so that your site figures as one of the top sites in any search.

This will ensure more hits and more hits mean more sales. Keep your site constantly updated as per the list supplied by your shipper or you might end up getting orders for items that are out of stock. In case such a thing happens, try to procure the product from another shipper and if there is a possibility of a delay in shipment then call or email the customer and request for an extension in delivery time. If the customer does not agree, then do the gentlemanly thing and refund the money. If your shipper is constantly defaulting on deliveries then change him, or you could suffer. Sites like eBay have customers rating sellers like you so a bad rating will crush your reputation and result in decreased sales.

So, get your act together by studying and acting on the above pointers and watch your drop shipping business give you jaw dropping results.

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