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  Finding Wholesale Drop Shippers For eBay  
When you do a survey for wholesale drop shippers, do not depend only on the Internet, but also attend various trade fairs and get the names and details of manufacturers. Once you have identified the products in which you want to deal in, then accordingly you can contact the related manufacturers. You can contact them directly and enquire with them as to their distributors or wholesalers who would be interested in drop shipping for you. This will provide you with a list of genuine drop shippers who actually stock the manufacturer’s goods.

This information can be depended upon since it has come right from the manufacturer. You can then get in touch with that drop shipper and refer the manufacturer’s name to him so that he too knows that the manufacturer himself has referred him. Even if you do get a list of drop shipper’s names from the Internet, it is a good idea to cross check with the manufacturer as to whether he really is their wholesaler or not. If your drop shipper asks for monthly fees under any pretext or tries to force you to accept a minimum quantity order, then drop him immediately. He could just be a middleman trying to scam you by cleaning out your pocket to protect himself from any cancelled orders.  

Try out with smaller deals first. Once you get into the details of how the drop shipping system works, you will find out your weaknesses and strengths and you will also find out if your drop shipper has any. This will help you to improve the workings of the entire mechanism right from pricing, receiving orders and its execution. Getting the right wholesale drop shipper is very important if you are to succeed in this competitive online business.
If you have access to ready finance, then there is another way to earn good money. You can turn into a wholesaler but only for selected products. After gaining some experience in this line, you might come to know of certain products, which are in short supply and you might also know the drop shipper holding on to some stocks of the same. You could purchase the entire quantity of that product and store it with you. You could then quote your price to customers and dispatch the product from your end. This method is risky but if timed properly could earn you some serious money.   

So, conduct a proper survey before latching on to any wholesale drop shipper. This important factor will determine if you can survive and flourish on eBay instead of 'drowning in the bay'.

If you are planning to start selling products on eBay, then it is essential that you get the right source for your products. This means that you need to find a genuine wholesale drop shipper, who actually stocks products and is in fact not some middleman, just squeezing his margins into your profits. Here are some ways in which you could locate actual wholesale drop shippers and not land with some of their ‘worse-shippers’.

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