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  Drop shipping can be the perfect solution for a home based business  
If you are thinking of making money from home, then think drop shipping. Drop shipping is gaining ground quick and many are discovering what fun and how rewarding it can be.

Drop shipping is easy and does not involve much risk. Itís a business that you can start with basically nothing more than a computer and internet connection and probably a few dollars. Drop shipping is a business arrangement where you as a seller do not have to keep any inventory.

You only need to identify companies that supply various goods and forward them order details that you get from your customers online. These companies then ship the goods to the customers directly. So, once you identify your products, set the prices in such a way that you will make profits after you pay the suppliers their cut. There you are; thatís your business!

This business is almost risk free. Since there is no inventory that you handle, you will not worry about unsold or damaged goods. The risk is taken on by the supplier. You will not have the expenses of a warehouse or shop rent. Your shop is on your fingertips! But you need to be aggressive, market yourself and the products and do all you can to gain and retain customers. If you have a website, you are on the right track. Get a list of reliable wholesalers, a mailing a list and you are ready to hit the market.
But for you to deal with wholesalers, it is imperative that you register as a retailer or salesman by getting the right licenses from your state. You should get a Resale Tax Id so that you will be identified as a business and not as any other consumer trying to get some good deals. Most customers or wholesalers will always ask for your Resale Tax Id. But it also depends on the requirements in your country.

Some countries may issue the license under another name; but whatever it is, it is a MUST. There are numerous middlemen out there who can easily be mistaken as wholesalers and by dealing with them you end up losing money and probably your business.

Proper information will help you venture in the right direction. You need to research more and know all that is involved in this business. But in a nutshell, here is a good business that you can run from your home and make money. You can adjust your work timetable and can do it as a part time venture.

Itís a business you can start with almost nothing and build your savings to live your dream life. And the sure way to start is to actually START it. Once your interest leads to a practical step Ė it will be your first sign of success. There are millions of buyers waiting to buy from you! Sit down and start selling!

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