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  Nutrition Fitness And Healthy Living  
Good health is vital for you and determines everything in your life. If you lose health, your choices in life to do things diminishes to nearly zero. Don’t find this out the difficult way, but by proper nutrition, fitness and healthy living habits you can live a productive and full life. Let’s examine each of these starting with nutrition.

How to eat healthy: Eating surely is a pleasure of life so eat a diet full of calories from grains, veggies, fresh fruit, low fat milk and their products, lean meat, beneficial fish, poultry products and beans. Avoid fatty foods and sweets. A good diet is essential in every part of life. However, make your decisions of food based on factors of any sickness you have, namely high BP or high cholesterol or a history of family illness. A proper diet can assist your kid’s growth, development, and school results.

Adults on a healthy diet can be more productive at work and feel better, and avoid chronic sicknesses. So, what your body cannot produce you must obtain from food. Basic to your diet must be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and some fat acids and fiber. Calcium is important for having strong bones. Remember all of these together are necessary for proper health. To keep your energy levels high ensure you get your supply of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Ensure this by getting your Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA to meet the requirements of good health.

With a good balanced diet containing all the above must come regular physical fitness.

Most Americans gain weight as they age putting them in line for serious diseases like high BP, heart disease, and other life threatening diseases. So, if you’re adult and overweight, its time to lose some. If you’re normal then don’t put on weight. To maintain your normal weight you should even out the quantity of calories in your foods and drinks with the quantity of calories your body burns. In addition, the energy gained by food is best used up with physical exercise.

Nevertheless, many Americans in their daily work use up very less energy like working on the computer or in office jobs. Then many spend much time at the T.V and remain without activity. For successfully using up calories don’t be sedentary, (meaning doing activities needing less movement), and do walking even if to the mall or down two blocks, and walking the staircase instead of using lifts. Less sitting down and more active moving around will help lessen body fat and shorten disease risk. Thirty minutes of brisk physical activity for five or better still all days of the week, will benefit greatly. Good activities are:

    •    At least three or four miles an hour of walking at a brisk pace

    •    Light gymnastic exercises also called calisthenics.

    •    Home cleaning and other repairs, painting.

    •    Sports with a racket like tennis or table tennis.

    •    Mowing your lawn

    •    Going fishing, cycling, or swimming

    •    Jogging

    •    Gardening

    •    Boating and dancing

Finally, maintain an ideal body weight according to your height and age. All doctors have a chart showing these figures and it will pay to follow it.

Stay Healthy With Exercise Even If You Don’t Have Much Time
It is a well-recognized fact that regular physical exercise supplemented by a nourishing and healthy diet is a must for healthy living. Physical exercise has immense health benefits and can greatly reduce the risk of diseases, especially cardiac diseases, improve metabolism and strengthen your bones.

In modern times, occupational constraints and the changing structure of society has contributed vastly to sedentary lifestyles that limit physical activity. In such a situation any opportunity for movement should be viewed with favour rather than be considered as an inconvenience. One needs to try to be active in many ways as possible throughout the day. As there are very minimum people with sedentary lifestyles, they should ensure that they are engaged in at least thirty minutes of physical activity of moderate intensity on many days of the week as possible, preferably on all days. Those who can should try to engage in vigorous exercise regularly to attain better health and fitness levels.

Everyone who has tried knows how difficult it is to stick to a strict regimen of exercise, especially in the face of paucity of time due to busy modern lifestyles. However, it can still be possible to attain a minimum level of fitness through 30 minutes of activity every day. Even this may prove difficult to do at a stretch. What you can do is to break it down into 3 stretches of 10 minutes each of physical activity and spread it over the day. To make it easier, you can use whatever you usually do in the course of your daily activities to carry out these exercises.

For example, while commuting to the office and back home you can get off the train/bus one stop before your destination and walk the rest of the way.  When in the office or at home avoid using the elevator and use the stairs instead. Even sitting at your desk, you can do neck rolls and arm raises i.e. pushing your arms towards your side and then towards the ceiling. Do some modified push ups at the edge of your desk. Take a walk after lunch. Go walking to the local grocery store; don't drive. While watching TV, get up during ads and jog or skip, where you are. You can add some more time for exercise this way. Don't forget to take a swim at the pool, whenever you get the time. Playing with the kids in the garden can give you some good exercise. In the mornings, set your alarm to wake you up five minutes earlier and skip a rope or do stretching exercises, before you jump under the shower. All these are excellent ways to exercise, when you find yourself unable to spare time, specially dedicated to exercising.  

If you can maintain a small gym at home, there can be nothing better. No fancy equipment is required. You can create a nice gym without much expenditure or space, using simple things like exercise bands, a stability ball, a skipping rope and a pair of dumbbells and you can get quite good results.

Coupled with healthy food and eating habits, these are great ways of exercising to stay fit and healthy, when you are hard pressed for time that you can devote to physical exercise.

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