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  Managing Stress For A Healthier Lifestyle  
A busy executive went to seek his doctors’ advice for stress. He told the doctor his busy schedule and how he took his papers home every night to finish work.
The doctor asked him ”Can’t someone else do it or can’t you get help with it”.
“No, doctor” the man said, ”I am the only one who does it well and in time”
The Doctor wrote the man a prescription, and when the executive took the prescription, it read, ‘Take an off each week for half the day and go spend that time in the cemetery’.

Amazed, the patient asked “why should I spend half the day in the cemetery?”
“Because “said the doctor “I want you to wander around the graves and look at the graves of all those men who are there forever. Ponder over the fact that some of them are there because they thought as you did, that the whole office rested on their shoulders. Think also that when you lie there one day, the office will go on just the way it did and others will carry on the work”.

The patient got the message slowed down his speed, delegated work and stopped fuming and fretting, and we can add, he now does better work!

Stress needs a rest too:

Here are some stress busters to consider:

    1.    Refuse the extra load. Learn to say ‘No’ when its gets too much of a load and take breaks. There are just so many hours in a day so learn to space out your time and work.

    2.    Go for a walk. Walking is a great stress buster and takes away the tension at home or work. Exercise is a great stress reducer.

    3.    Try Yoga. It will have a soothing and calming effect on you. Relax your muscles, which tense up in stress situations. Do deep breathing exercises. These reduce anxiety, irritability, and fatigue.

    4.    Another stress buster is plain simple laughter. Laughing releases endorphins, which help the body.

    5.    Go on vacation. You worked hard for some months, took stress at office, had difficult colleagues and bosses. You cannot take a holiday each time you are stressed, but you can take your vacations. So, if it’s due take it.

    6.    Time-out your times. At times, life is a never-ending rush to beat deadlines and you feel there is not just enough time in 24 hours. Try these:

    •    Manage your time well and think in advance. Prepare schedules and timetables and stick to them to avoid rush.

    •    Make a list of things to do and stay with it to keep you organized. It will bring you pleasure to work this way.

    •    Make priority lists and get things done in their order to avoid confusion.

Finally seek out the stress factors in your life, learn to manage them. Dream of stress free living, make it happen, think hope filled thoughts, and have happiness as your goal. In a nutshell, that is managing stress.

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