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  Healthy Life Style Tips For The Busy Executive  
You have to work, and you should work-out! Both are challenges, and combining the two together successfully is the key to an executiveís healthy lifestyle. You read about the importance of a fitness program and are convinced itís good for you and even make a resolution to work-out regularly; but alas, after a few weeks we are fighting to find the time to carry it through. Donít get discouraged youíre one of many but the following will help you see it through.

Now for you as an executive the whole idea is to balance out the day in business with the benefits of exercise without a trip to the health club. Add the following hints to your days schedule and see the benefits to your health.

Make your journey to office and back a fitness trip too. If you use the bus or your car, or in a car pool, stop two blocks or so before and walk! Rotate walking with others in the carpool so all get to walk. And if youíre lucky and have the office situated just 20 minutes away just walk all the way.

Walking is a great exercise and removes stress and brightens you up for the day ahead. The time added on to get to work and on return will be compensated with by feeling better. Think what itíll do for your fitness never mind the environment!
Climbing stairs, too, is a good cardio work out so take the staircase not the elevator to office. If youíre on the 60th floor of your building then stop on the 55th floor and walk up. All this requires extra effort and adjustment of time, but the rewards are worth it.

Get off that phone: when you need to discuss something in your office area, walk and meet them. Gives you exercise and helps you meeting your colleague face-to-face.

Eat healthy: Avoid excessively greasy foods, and too many carbohydrates, they do you no good. Fresh fruits, and raw vegetable salads lean meat and whole meal bread is beneficial for a healthy you. Also as important as eating well is to eat regularly. Fix a time in the day when you have your lunch, and stick to it. Donít be malnourished.

Avoid stress: Stress is a great killer, so avoid work related stress and stop getting angry with your colleagues or subordinates. This only raises your blood pressure and could lead to strokes. Spend five minutes in your chair and meditate. Focus inward and for another five minutes when you get the time, focus outward. Itís a great relaxation tool, and sharpens your perception and mind.

Exercise wherever you can: You donít only need gyms to stay fit, though that is a great idea. When in your chair, do isometric or resistance exercises. Blood pressure and isometric exercises donít go hand in hand, so if you have BP, avoid isometric exercises as it causes a sudden, sharp rise in blood pressure.

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