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Do you have passion for golf? If you have been following the sport for quite some time, you may already have been investing in different golf collectibles. Your passion may be burning inside you for years. As many other fanatics and collectors get into the hobby, you surely would consider your collections as more prized. Do you intend to build your own collection of golf collectibles? It would not be difficult to do so. In fact, you may already have several important items to begin with.

If you have golf clubs, golf putters, tees, balls, and other related items, you could already jumpstart into the hobby. For most collectors, golf memorabilia items are must-haves. No golf collectors could go on without several memorabilia in their possession. How could you make good in collecting such golf collectibles? Here are several practical tips that could truly be of great help to you.

First, bear in mind that all golf memorabilia could be considered as collectibles. Such items could include posters, pictures, and art pieces. Did you know that even shirts, magazines, and post cards could turn into memorable and significant memorabilia? If the items are personally signed or autographed by famous icons and superstars like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, they could already be considered rare and priceless. It is just amazing how signatures could turn ordinary items into important ones.

Rare golf items are more of collectors’ items as well as they are novelties. Through the years, many golf items were designed, made, and sold across the market as special collectors’ objects. Clubs and balls that were rarely designed and made could also be included. Basically, models and brands that are not anymore sold in the market are instantly considered as golf collectibles. They could be of great value, especially if they could be traced back to the middle of the 1800s.

When collecting old feather golf balls, remember that those bearing manufacturers’ marks could be considered more valuable compared to those that are without those marks. The reason behind this is quite obvious. Most collectors prefer their items to be associated or identified with specific and famous brands and models.

Golf collectibles like balls could be manufactured using gutta percha. These are more popular in the market as ‘gutty’ golf balls. They are instantly treated as collectors’ items. These days, the balls (no matter how simple and plain looking) could be sold at about $100 per piece, or even more. Wooden shaft golf clubs could be worth just about several thousands of dollars, especially when sold through the night market.

Beware because not all golf collectibles that are sold as 1800 models are genuine. Reproductions are very common among golf collectibles these days. There is nothing wrong about collecting reproductions. In fact, they have already actively infiltrated the main secondary market. If you aim not to buy such reproductions, it is best to purchase items from reliable, credible, and highly knowledgeable dealers.

Start searching right now. There is no room for procrastinators when it comes to collecting golf collectibles. This is because everyday, more and more collectors are adding to the growing list. Thus, it would be harder to find and buy golf collectors’ items in the market. This is also the reason why price tags of such objects keep on rising uncontrollably.

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