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Balling With Golf Collectibles

Sporting events come in different forms. Tournaments and various gaming events have been developed over the years. There have also been a lot of innovations in the different equipment and gadgets used. These advancements and changes have largely shaped the word of collectibles for any sport, one of which is golf. The ball used in the sport has been showcased with a lot of alterations. Since it has been considered as an important aspect of the collectibles side of the sport letís take a look at how golf balls has rolled through the years.

Basically there have been three balls around the green playing field of golf. The first one was the feathery. It was the master of the golfing balls for about 400 years until the other came bouncing into the picture. The one that followed the illustrious career of the feathery was the gutta percha. It was then shaken off by the modern appeal and properties of the rubber-cored ball.

Letís take a closer look at each of the balls. You might one to pick each of them out on your local golf collectible store. First on the list is the feathery. Its dominance in the golfing scene was not really attributed to its benefits to the game instead there was really no acceptable alternative. Feathers literally swarmed the external shell of the ball. About a half gallon of feathers were boiled in order to make them soft and manageable. Sewing was done after stuffing the feather on the inside of the ball which was then massively hammered to fashion it out into a sphere.

There were a lot of setbacks for this ball. It took a long time even for a skilled worker to come with three to four balls on a daily basis. Since it did not have a perfect spherical form the roll was very unpredictable and its flight cannot be fully controlled. Water made things worse for players. It was difficult to handle due to weight change when soaked and it often broke in half upon landing on a stony patch.

Since the feathery was not at all beneficial for the game and its enthusiasts, it was high time to call on a more worthy replacement. It was about 1850 when things look brighter for golfers. There was a discovery of a certain Malaysian gum known as the gutta percha. This marked the end of the featheryís unwanted service.

The gutta percha when immersed in steaming hot water can be readily softened and shaped into sphere initially by hand then later on with the use of steel molding devices. Cooling then took place to make the ball hard. The end result of this process was a more spherical ball that gave the sport of golf the chance to roll into more fame.

The only problem with this ball is that is was too smooth to take the projectile flight necessary for the game. The manufacturers then found out that when dented the ball flew at a better range thus they began to hammer their way into success. This event paved the way for the modern day dimpled golf balls. As more innovations was made for the gamersí well-being golf balls found their form in rubber-cored balls having a diameter of 1.68 inches.

Golf balls have been part of the gameís rich history so why donít you take time to pick up one of the gameís old ball collectibles and make it a part of you and the sport you have come to love.

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