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Golf And Its Collectibles

Sporting events have been one of the most commonly engaged in past time activities. You can either enjoy yourself through the physical welfares of the sport or by simply taking time to collect items that will best define you as an enthusiast of that certain sport. One certain sport that has taken the globe by storm is golf. Nowadays supporters are not only fond of watching the gameís great heat it up on the green but also these loyalists find themselves constantly picking out collectibles that will fill up their shelves. The industry of golf collectibles has really made it big in the market but do you ever wonder how this sport came into being in the first place?

Letís travel back in time to find out how the sport of golf has made its way into the hearts of many avid fans. The specific origin of the sport is not clearly identified but it is said that it developed during the high middle ages in Scotland. This was the widely accepted theory in the golfing circles. But there are also other facts that state otherwise. Letís find out.

The Dutch can debate with their Scottish neighbors as according to historians there was a certain golf-like game which took place on the 26th of February in 1927. This game was done in the city of Loenen aan de Vecht in the Netherlands. The gameís objective was to hit a target situated within several hundreds of meters away from the participants. A leather ball and a stick were used for the said game. Another thing is that a similar game as that of golf was played in Netherlands during the 17th century. The argument was that this was earlier done as that of the game played in Scotland.

The Chinese also wanted to prove they had something to do with the birth of golf. There was a certain Professor Ling Hongling from Lanzhou University who stated that a game having similarity with golf we know today was played in China particularly during the Southern Tang Dynasty which was actually 500 years ahead of the one associated with Scotland. Records from the Song Dynasty also show drawings of a game called chuiwan. This game utilized a total of ten clubs such as cuanbang, pubang, and shaobang. This trio is said to be the same with the present golfing clubs which are the driver, two-wood, and three-wood. The Chinese version of golf had a rich background and in a very literal way as it was found out that clubs were made with jade and gold.

Scotland fought back through the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews which was recognized as one of the earliest golfing organization in the country. It clearly and proudly stated that the 18-hole game of golf came from Scotland. Furthermore the game of golf was clearly stated that the Acts of the Scottish Parliament during the 15th century prohibited the playing of gowf twice because it was sharing precious practice time with archery. Archery at that time was very essential to maintain a potent national defense.
Technically the game of golf cannot be taken away from the Scottish people. It was in this country that first written rules came into being. Scotland also was home to the very first permanent golf course. The first official tournaments were also held in various Scottish cities.

Golfís collectibles does not only embody a hobbyists passion for the game but rather each item tells a little bit of story at how the game how grown throughout the centuries.

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