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Social networking systems are online clubs where people of the same interests can join together. General Websites like Facebook, Faceparty and MySpace allow friends to connect to one another online. However, social network systems connect people with the same interests as well. Popular interest sites include for photography, for online gaming and for students.

These systems cater to everyone as they play on the individuality of their members. Virtually anyone can create his own website with personalized interests, pictures and blogs. You can create your very own worldwide webography.

However, it is also possible to earn using social networking. In fact, not only is it possible to earn using social networking but even better, you are actually getting paid to socialize!

No kidding.

Read on to find out the best sites to earn while using social networking. offers their members a change to earn using their social networking system. Itís the same as Facebook or MySpace but the social network pays you to blog, find friends and upload videos., which stands for ZoneTastic Community, will pay you for having a social networking site with them. ZTC believes in giving back some of the money you make on your site (by affiliate marketing) so gives a percentage of the profit to their members thus letting them earn using social networking. Similar to, they offer blogs, photos, videos, music sharing and friends., another site that promises you can earn using its social networking, allows their members to take part in an Ad Revenue Sharing program all the while offering the standard features of any social networking system. However, what makes this network different is that you are able to become a ĎRepí for the company where you can sign up unlimited numbers of people for infinite profit.

Other social networks cater to the creative mind, such a, which lets you make money through the affiliate program just by writing articles, blogs and making comments about other membersí pages. Speak your mind and get paid a portion of the advertising profit. The more articles you write and the more friends view them, the more money you earn while using social networking., another social network for bloggers, allows their uses to be rewarded for publishing articles and posting comments. Through a point system, every comment posted or published article gives you points, thus you can earn using social networking.

So instead of just wasting time playing on the Internet, earn using social networking and get your creative juices flowing.

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