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  Earn Using Social Networking Sites but be Careful  
Social networking sites arenít meant to be free advertising. They have been turned into an advertising tool, but they were never meant to go that way. Actually, they were meant to be methods for people to stay in touch and for new friends to be made. However, something happened along the way. Look at the site MySpace. MySpace started out as a site to promote bands, but turned into much more than that. Before we knew it, people were able to do a lot of things. Even writers and comedians could make their own pages.

Somewhere in there, businesses realized that they could earn using social networking sites, so they started building profiles. There are sites with rules about this. However, there are some sites that have created special rules for businesses looking to earn using social networking. This is great because this means there isnít so much walking on glass going on. However, this doesnít mean that you canít take advantage of all of the social networking sites. You just have to conform with the rules. Those rules and some things to keep in mind include:

    ē    Not spamming members. This means it may be better to send a message asking them to send you a friend request instead of you sending one. This means they will add you if they want to.

    ē    Including personal information about yourself in addition to product or service information. That way members can see that there is actually a person behind the page. They are less likely to report you that way.

    ē    Be mindful of who you add. Most of the individuals on social networking sites are teenagers. You also have to be aware of the demographic under 30. If youíre marketing a product that only appeals to individuals over 30, you may want to add people in the appropriate age group. Any other age group would take away your potential to earn using social networking.

As long as you add that personal element, you should be okay. It is important that you have the permission of your friends to add them to your list. That way they canít flag you for spam when you send them a request. Make sure you read all rules and have your bases covered. If you do, then you can earn using social networking and you will earn well. Youíll see that in no time.

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