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  Earn Using Social Networking: Make Your Friends Love You  
If you want to earn using social networking, it is important to make your friends love you. It isn’t enough to just send out friend requests so that they will add you and then do nothing. You have to constantly remind these individuals that you are there. Why do you need to do this? Well, the average social networking member has around 100 friends on their friend lists. Many of them, however, can have hundreds. You’ll literally get lost in there, so you have to make yourself stand out.

Here are some ideas to keep yourself on their minds so that you can successfully earn using social networking:

    •    Social networking sites are now utilizing a tool where you can tell your friends your mood and what you’re thinking. You can update this as many times throughout the day as you want. Every single time you do, you jump to the top of those updates and your friends will see you.

    •    Go through your list and send comments to your friends. Simply say things such as, “Thanks for being a friend” and “Thought I’d stop by and say hi.” This gives them a connection to you instead of you just being another friend on their list.

    •    Another feature that social networking sites have is the bulletin feature. What this means is a bulletin can be posted that goes to your entire friends list. This is important because you can announce special deals within your business to everyone at once. Give it an intriguing title so that they open it up. Also, don’t make the tone so businessy. You want to sound like you’re talking to your best friend.

As you can see, there are some great tools that are used on social networking sites. By utilizing these features, your potential to earn using social networking goes way up. You also make your friends love you. Everyone loves making new friends, so your goal is to let them know you’re just that. Furthermore, you want them to remember that you’re a business, but you don’t want the thought that you’re out to make money to cross their mind. You want them to purchase from you because they are emotionally invested in your business. Be their best friend. Show them that they are special to you. It is one thing to feel special to a person, but an entirely different ballgame to feel special to a company. That’s almost as good as being friends with a celebrity.

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