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The Ultimate Anti Aging Guide
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  Chapped Lips? How To Avoid This Problem  
Chapped lips are one of the first signs of the winter months and they can be one of the most difficult health problems to overcome. When your lips are chapped, you want to wet them over and over again since this action actually seems to sooth them. The problem is, as they dry, the wetting them has made them worse. What can you do to overcome this? In addition, what options are there for avoiding dry lips in the first place?

Treating Chapped Lips

As a fashion statement or a beauty statement, there is o doubt that chapped lips are a big no-no. The pealing and the pain they cause are going to make any lipstick that you apply over them hard to remove and horrible to look at. You may even get a burning sensation if you tried to cover them up. The best way to treat them is with a soothing, medicated chap stick or lip balm. These are found at most location where medications are sold. Avoid products that are sugar based or that are made for children. What you are looking for is a specific, medicated product that will place a very small dose of medication into these wounds to help them heal. They also work to lock in the moisture on your lips. Apply as often as needed until the painful cracks have healed.

Avoiding It

The only thing better than improving chapped lips is to actually be able to avoid getting them. In many cases, you can do this. First, be sure you stay hydrated. If your body is not hydrated the skin, and the lip, cells will become dry, leaving them highly vulnerable to wind and cold weather. Second, cover up. When heading outdoors in the cold weather, wear a scarf around your face. This is especially true of very low temperatures, also when the wind is blowing.

Next, apply a layer of moisture protection to your lips. Choose a lip balm, not necessarily one that is medicated, to keep your lips moist. These products are important because of the close proximity to your mouth (the moisture there is what ends up causing the chapped feeling.)

Stop licking your lips. Avoid having this big beauty problem. Simply treat your lips with these products so that you can use lipsticks again. You should avoid these products if you have chapped lips since they can worsen the situation.

The Ultimate Anti Aging Guide

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