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  Hair Care For People With Severe Allergies  
Are you severely allergic to certain foods or products? If you are, then you need to be extra careful when it comes to shopping for hair care products. Do not think that just because you are not eating the product does not mean that you cannot have a serious allergic reaction.

Read All Labels, Every Time

Reading labels is one of the best ways to prevent an allergic reaction. If you know the products that you are allergic to, you have to be especially careful of hair and skin care lines, because many of them include food ingredients, such as berries and nuts. Nut allergies are one of the most deadly allergies to have. Anyone who has an allergy to nuts knows to look for Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and even Kukui Nut Oil. It becomes more difficult if you arenít sure if the product is a nut you are actually allergic to. The best thing to do is air on the side of caution and do not use that product.

Warn Your Stylist

You need to notify your stylist, just as you would a restaurant server about your allergy. They might forget and grab a product that might be great for your hair, which could be potentially dangerous for you. Make sure you are alert and watch to make sure the stylist doesnít use any new product you are unsure of. Topical allergies can be as severe as ingested allergies. Touching a raw egg, even the shell for someone who is allergic can cause his or her hand to swell. Touching a nut, and then touching your eye can cause a reaction of your eye swelling shut. Even inhaling can cause a reaction from acute to severe. So having a stylist put a shampoo on your hair and you even inhaling the fumes from the allergen can cause you to have asthma or another reaction.

Homemade Hair Care

One of the things about homemade hair care that someone with allergies needs to understand is that many are made solely with eggs, nuts, and even dairy. Mayonnaise and straight eggs can be used as a great substitute to clean and condition hair. Many homemade lotions contain yogurt, milk and sweet almond oil. You can use substitutes and you should. Never take the chance with an allergy, particularly if it could cause you to go into anaphylactic shock.

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