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  5 Tips to Supermodel Hair  
Supermodels seem to have the most beautiful hair, donít they? Well, you may be able to get that same look through these supermodel tricks and great hair care. Remember that many models have extensions, so that is what creates much of their body and volume. If you do not have thick hair, or extensions, you may not have the same effect, but there is no problem trying.

1. Condition

Whenever you know you are going to be using a lot of heat, or adding stress to your hair make sure it is conditioned, both before and after. Use a thicker conditioner and deep condition after youíve tried the new look. Also, seal your hair with a heat protector most lines carry them. If you canít find one, use a leave-in conditioner.

2. Blow Dry

Blow dry your hair with your head flipped over on high you can add a bit of hair spray to add volume, not too much though. Add a volume enhancing mousse, to encourage that big hair look. Blow dry in sections to make sure you get out any unwanted kinks.

3. Style

Once your hair is dry, brush through it gently and place your hair half up using a clip. Spray the hair that is loose and securely place rollers into your hair. Do this layer by layer, until all of your hair is rolled. Then with volume on low blow dry each roller. Keep the rollers in for about 15 minutes. Take out the rollers, and do not brush them. Spray on a light hair spray for extra hold after you rub your fingers gently through your hair. Do not brush. You can add a different part to switch things up as well.

4. Tease

They say you should always leave them wanting more, so go ahead be a tease. If you get a little bored with your supermodel hair do, change it up a bit. You can place it half up and tease the top for more volume using a fine tooth-teasing comb.

5. New

Just try something new. If you are adventurous and in your twenties try for the low pigtails sexy look. They can be very sexy. If you are older it will work too, I think perhaps in better in a more intimate moment. Tie with an elastic band that is the same color as your hair, and keep them low, below your ears, near your neck.

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